Institute Management

It is a dynamic and powerful module that establishes the foundation of institutional structures. Basic Setup provides step-by-step steps to set up your organization’s basic infrastructure.

Student Management

Student information system provides administrators with immediate access to various functions related to students so that they can efficiently Perform all functions necessary for school operation.

Staff Management

The Staff Information System of Academy Front provides instant access to a variety of staff related functions to the administrators. Some of the features supported are:
Complete staff database (ability to assign roles for staff members belonging to teaching, non-teaching, etc) Managing class teacher for various classes and sections in the current academic session. Managing staff representatives in various roles for various entities in the school such as student groups and school facilities.

Finance & Fee Management

Finance plays a important role in the functioning of any institute. It is a very vital function to manage daily monetary transactions in any organization. While technology is there to facilitate planning, monitoring budget expenditure, control flow of money in and out of your institute and regulate your profits; our Maitrak School ERP and College ERP software helps you to conveniently manage all such activities.

Class & Batches Management

In Maitrak an Institution can be classified into Higher Education (Colleges and Universities) and K-12 Education. A Course is the study of a particular topic in an institution which when completed, qualifies the student to be a graduate and a Batch is a group of students who complete a specific course over a period of time through different sections/terms/semesters.

User Management

Manually managing details of employees, students, parents, and other staff members is a tiresome task for the admin. But with Maitrak User Management System, admin can search any user using their assigned IDs, edit their profile details, change the password, and assign privileges. It reduces their workload and improves their productivity.

Timetable Management

Save time and effort, create an error-free timetable, update students and teachers by instant notification timetable management system has been helping schools and colleges of various sizes in scheduling and managing timetables flawlessly. In a single click, admin can allocate a substitute teacher to the class in case the teacher is absent, automatic timetable management system promotes the paperless environment and simplifies the payroll calculation for admins.

Transport Management

Enhance student safety, Tracking vehicle status and Collect transportation fees Student’s safety is the topmost priority of educational institute. With school bus transport management module, the parents and school staff members can easily track the vehicle location while the students are traveling from home to school or vice-versa. In a centralized place, staff can maintain vehicle records, easily keep a track on transport expenses, and streamline the bus fees collection process.

Manage Certificates & Report Cards

Customise the look and feel of certificate template Generate various type of certificate for students and staff members bonafide certificate, transfer certificate, migration certificate, offer appointment certificate, and more. With Maitrak certificate generator saves time and efforts and easily keep a record of all generated certificate on a centralized place

Library & Inventory Management

Automate cataloging, Trace Defaulters and Check books availability It automates and organized the library operations also helps in maintaining the book details present in the library. With the library management system, the staff can track the books’ status, collect the fines, generate insightful reports to identify gaps and future needs. This electronic module improves the structure of the library and enhances the efficiency of the librarian.

SMS Integration

Send Instant Alerts, Enhance Communication and Reduce Workload Bridge the communication gap among parents, teachers, students, and other staff members with SMS integration in school ERP. Using this module, the institute can send emergency alerts to parents, update on upcoming events, inform them about pending fees, update on the availability of transport and more.

GatePass and Visitor Management

Gate management is mobile app first feature to handle entry of visitors and staff and exit of users.This feature is divided into 3 parts : Visitor Management, User Entry Management and Gate Pass Management.Privileged employee can access the reports in graph and tabular format and view it on both web and mobile app Configure form settings, general settings like notification, and prefix for the pass number in the web app.The entry/actions in visitor management, user entry management, and gate pass management will be marked and handled in the mobile app.

Works as digital transformation partner with educational institutes.

Since last decade some of the educational institutes in urban areas of country started using technology. The number of schools/colleges adapting the technology is significantly rising every year.