Maitrak Systems Pvt Ltd works as a digital transformation partner with educational institutes across India.

To digitally  transform any organization we have built our own software system “MAITRAK”

We at Maitrak Systems Pvt Ltd believe primary aim of use of technology for any organization should be maximizing operational efficiency with currently available resources. Education is human enterprise. So any change or transformation will affect processes and people. Introducing and implementing School ERP App or LMS is not about replacing manually done process by technology it’s about integrating technology in every core process of the institute like admission-exit-recruitment-academics-fee collections-PTMs and many more. It’s about changing mindset of individuals to embrace and efficiently use that technology in daily operationsfor achievements of intended outcomes.

Any transformation is challenging so is digital transformation.
A few of the most commonly faced challenges by institutes in the process of technological transformation are

  • Resistance of stakeholders for the process of change
  • Lack of technical skills and knowledge of current manpower
  • Unstructured data
  • Lack of clearly defined outcomes
  • Lack of firm strategy
  • Apprehensions related to data privacy and security

To overcome these challenges Maitrak Systems believes in designing tailor-made solutions for every organization.

MAITRAK - Ultimate School ERP Software for all kind of Institutes

Maitrak School ERP system has every feature you will ever need to run your institution efficiently

Maitrak Schools and Colleges ERP software system is a platform that helps you manage your day-to-day academic and administrative activities from a single platform. Maitrak provides a user-friendly dashboard with login access to teachers, non-faculties, students, parents, and administrative staff of the institution. The various modules available in the school’s ERP software automate the day-to-day operations of your institution, from student admissions to creating transfer certificates to digitizing your online learning experience, all easily managed.

Maitrak School College ERP System Features

  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Timetable Management
  • Admission Management
  • Messaging System
  • Student Attendance
  • Courses and Batches
  • HR Management
  • Fees & Finance
  • Examination Management
  • User Management
  • Report Center
  • Employee/Teacher Login
  • Students/Parents Login
  • Student Information
  • Custom Remarks
  • Certificate
  • ID Card
  • SMS Integration
  • Events/Calendar
  • Enquiry Management
  • Advance Fees
  • News Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Library Management
  • Transport Management
  • Data Management
  • Inventory
  • Student Placement
  • Gallery
  • Discussion
  • Task
  • Poll
  • Theme
  • Google SSO
  • Google Doc
  • Discipline
  • App Frame
  • Assignment Management
  • Applicant Registration
  • Custom Import
  • Data Export
  • Custom Report
  • Fees Import
  • Instant Fees
  • Online Exam
  • API Access
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Email Integration
  • Tally Integration
  • BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System) Integration
  • Form Builder
  • Audit
  • Alumni
  • Doc Manager
  • Blog
  • Azure Integration
  • Reminder
  • Automatic Timetable Generator
  • Gate Management
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Paybooks Integration
  • Course Management
  • Stream Recorded Lectures
  • Mobile Learning
  • Parent – Teacher – Student Collaboration

Efficient and Effective School ERP System

Maitrak School ERP system has every feature you will ever need to run your institution efficiently