Education is human enterprise. So any change or transformation will affect processes and people.
Maitrak Systems works as digital transformation partner with educational institutes across India.
We at Maitrak Systems believe primary aim of use of technology for any organization

Maitrak Systems Pvt Ltd

Works as digital transformation partner with educational institutes.

Since last decade some of the educational institutes in urban areas of country started using technology. The number of schools/colleges adapting the technology is significantly rising every year. Especially post COVID 19 outbreak when almost every school college and universities across world remained closed for few days or months almost every institute put their foot forward to reach their students/parents using technology.


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Maitrak software solutions Pvt ltd works as digital transformation partner with educational institutes. We believe every institute has different ways of functioning. Institutes have manpower with varied skillsets and behavioral patterns. Maitrak believes in designing tailor made solution for every institute. Knowing current status of institute, understanding intended outcomes, identifying starting point, designing the concrete strategy of implementation and working with school team as implementation partner till mutually agreeable time period are crucialcomponents in our solution.

About Us

3 Pillars of Maitrak

1. Technology

Foundation of our solution is based on new edge and robust technology. (Please add more content in this point)

2. Implementation Partnership

Our team of domain knowledge experts will be actively involved from planning phase. They will keep on closely monitoring all the phases of integration of technology in different processes. They will evaluate readiness of manpower for transformation and plan capacity building activities. They will also work change in mindset of people to embrace technology. Our team will actively work on entering the data and integrating relevant records in new system of every existing student from time of his/her admission. We believe hassle free data transformation will result in achievement of intended outcome in prescribed time limit.

3. Continual Support

Team Maitrak cherishes longstanding association with individuals as well as organizations. Our Service division will continuously monitor the system, will support school team by providing timely solutions to problems, will play an advisor as and when needed, will evaluate performance of system and suggest changes to team Maitrak and School team.

Maitrak Solutions Pvt Ltd

Introducing and implementing School ERP App or LMS is not about replacing manually done process by technology it’s about integrating technology in every core process of the institute like admission-exit-recruitment-academics-fee collections-PTMs and many more


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